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Refer a Member

The Connect for Perks Program is a continuous referral campaign to grow our Local First community and provide rewards and recognition to those who forward prospects to Local First that result in memberships. Our members play an important role in forging relationships and building a stronger community. A larger membership strengthens our voice advocating on issues of localism, enhances services for our members and provides more business connections.


When a business or organization joins Local First, they benefit from increased exposure and support, and you benefit with recognition and an opportunity to earn prizes.

Refer a member!


  • A referral form must be received at the Local First office or referral check box on the membership application indicating YOU as the person referring the new business.

  • Should a business be referred by more than one person, Local First will honor the first referring party only.

  • There is NO limit to the number of referrals you can make.

  • Members are eligible for the Connect for Perks Program only if referral form is received before the referred member’s application is delivered to Local First. Referring members must be a member in good-standing.