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The Koeze Company’s Peanut Tradition

The Koeze Company’s Peanut Tradition

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If I had to name some West Michigan traditions, art, beer and tulips are the first things that come to my mind.

But what about peanut butter?

The Koeze Company has been producing peanut butter right here in Grand Rapids for over 100 years, making their Cream-Nut Natural Peanut Butter another West Michigan tradition.

Since its foundation in 1910 by Sibblele Koeze, the Koeze family hasn't stopped creating peanut butter, although they've added nuts, brittle, chocolate and many more indulgent snacks to their menu.

In a time when ingredient lists seem more like ingredient novels, Koeze has maintained their short delicious duo: peanuts and salt. That's it. Produced on vintage equipment and packaged in glass jars, the company strives to provide the community with classic, simple products. Koeze intentionally continues to invest in Grand Rapids, showing its commitment to maintaining a local presence through its customer service and award-winning natural products.

Jeff Koeze, the founder's great-grandson and company's current helmsman, has expanded the company to distribute products in different ways beyond traditional retail. However, peanut goodness can still be purchased in local retail stores on the East Beltline in Grand Rapids and Burlingame Ave in Wyoming, as well as local D&W stores and West Michigan Meijers.

Now, I would definitely say that the Koeze Company's products can be consumed with pleasure in their simplest form, but if you decide to get fancy with your peanuts, try out Koeze Peanut Butter Bars, a simple recipe to get you started in this Grand Rapids tradition. Grab a jar, a pan, and a hungry friend to get started!

The 10x10 Pledge

You can use your 10x10 dollars this week to incorporate Koeze Company peanut butter into a meal or treat. Spread it on toast, add it to Thai noodles, or spoon it directly from jar to mouth!

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