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Locally Raised, with a story

Locally Raised, with a story

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In recent years there has been a heightened awareness around knowing where our food comes from. Farmers Markets have increased in number, hobby farms have sprung up, and many restaurants have begun to shift their purchasing to local. Vegetables are being grown in backyards more than ever, and now fresh vegetables can even be delivered to your door. So what about meat? Not everyone can have chicken coops built in their backyard, cows grazing nearby, or salmon swimming in a stream behind their house. That is where HarvestBox comes in.

This past summer family owned and operated, Byron Center Meats started HarvestBox. In an effort to refocus and rethink the ways in which we, the general public get our meat the idea for this ordered online and delivered to your door venture was formed. HarvestBox.com allows you to view and order different bundled meat options. There are six different bundles currently available, ranging from Grass-Fed Ground Beef to Alaskan Salmon. We can’t all raise our own livestock; HarvestBox is an easy, safe, and sustainable way for you and your family to have healthy, locally raised meat.

When embarking on this venture, Byron Center Meats deepened their existing partnership with three farms: Seven Sons Family Farm, Golden Tulip Farm, and Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company. Together with these three farms, HarvestBox is not only able to provide thoughtfully raised meat to their customers, but they, through story and education have crafted “a better way to eat”. That is the mission behind this product line.

HarvestBox reaches beyond quality meat delivered to your doorstep; it is about feeding - not filling. It is about relationships and connecting people to the story behind their meat. On HarvestBox.com there are detailed profiles about each of the farm partners. You are able to read about and watch their story. In return a connection is made with that family farm. These farms that have partnered with HarvestBox desire to be your, no matter which of the lower forty-eight states you live in, local farmer. Knowing where our meat comes from matters and when we know the story it only deepens the level of knowledge and trust.

Knowing the story matters, just as knowing what to do with your meat, how to properly prepare, how to cook, and what to do with the uncommon cuts matters. HarvestBox strives to also educate and assist its customers with the cooking process. On the website you will find a Cooking Guide full of recipes. Learn how to quickly and simply prepare your Alaskan Salmon fillet or step out and try Black Pepper Crusted Wagyu Steaks with Truffles. The recipes are endless and serve as a helpful resource once your meat arrives. You can sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on their latest news, receive tips, and find out when new recipes are added to the guide.

HarvestBox is not another delivery service. It is a venture from a local, family-owned company that cares and values the story of their meat. You can learn more about HarvestBox on their website. Explore the various bundled meat options, learn about the farms in more detail, and take a peek at their Cooking Guide full of recipes. HarvestBox tells a story and provides for a generation that desires to know where the food on their table comes from. 

[photo credit to HarvestBox.com]