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Brewery Vivant: Belgian Tradition, Local Mission

Brewery Vivant: Belgian Tradition, Local Mission

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The beer scene has never been better in Grand Rapids with the growth of the craft beer movement over the past decade (Beer City USA anyone?). I won't try to convince you to drink local craft beer over generic domestics, because if you don't know that already, there's not much I can do to help. But I can show you how one of our craft brewers is doing some pretty cool things in conjunction with the local food movement in Grand Rapids, which makes it even more compelling to support them.

Brewery Vivant is a pub located in Grand Rapids that produces French & Belgian inspired beer and food. Not only is their beer top rated (especially their canned beer), their food is top notch (if you haven't tried their truffle fries, duck confit nachos, or famous bacon stuffed burger, add it to your list of places to visit this fall) - they also hold themselves accountable to "beer the change" in their community with measures like their recent B Corporation status.

Local Partnerships

Vivant is very attuned to their local community - in fact, their goal is to make over 90% of their purchases within 250 miles. Right now they're at 61.5% of all purchases sourced from locally owned businesses. That means that when you buy a beer from Brewery Vivant, you're actually indirectly supporting multiple local businesses in the process. Check out their Beer the Change sustainability report for more fun stats.

One local organization they support is West Michigan Farmlink, a wholesale food hub for chefs/restauranterus, institutions & schools to connect with farmers & producers. This provides a platform for Vivant to meet the farmers that grow their food and cultivate relationships with them. And, they supplement their menu with food grown in their very own garden. If you've ordered a burger recently and found juicy purple tomato slices on it, you're one of the lucky few to experience their summer harvest first hand!

Partners in Crime

This whimsical collaboration called "Agent a Deux" combines Propaganda Doughnuts French-inspired pastries and Vivant's french-style beer. The outcome is a delicious espionage-themed dark ale brewed with black currants, vanilla beans and rose petals. Note: this beer is limited edition, so if you want to try it, do it soon!

"We are a Belgian and French inspired brewery and Tory leans heavily on his French culinary background, so when he talked about baking with French flavors, this came into the picture. We had never worked with those flavors together in a beer before," said Kate Avery, Marketing Director. "It was a delicious experiment!"

The 10x10 Pledge

You can use your 10x10 dollars this week to incorporate Brewery Vivant's beer into a meal. Drink it on the side, or get creative and flavor your chicken with the Big Red Coq!

Haven't taken the pledge yet? Do that here:


Get your fill of Brewery Vivant's beer at this year's Fork Fest on October 23. Mark your calendars for this foodie event! Also, keep an eye out for Vivant's Wood Aged Beer Festival on October 4.

The Eat Local Challenge is sponsored by Twisted Rooster and Crooked Goose.