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Bazzani’s New B Corp Commitment

Bazzani’s New B Corp Commitment

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When Guy Bazzani started Bazzani Associates, he had multiple goals in mind. Obviously, one was to construct excellent buildings, but another goal was to construct a new kind of building company that respected the earth it built upon. Contrary to common building methods, Bazzani wanted his company to work with the land instead of razing and destroying it.

This vision was started at the beginning of Bazzani in 1983, but it has continued - and grown - in subsequent years. Each building Bazzani oversees is monitored in categories such as efficiency, recycling, and LEED Certification. The past 30 years has seen a rich crop of buildings from Bazzani that honor the environment through more than just their retail or services.

The story continues from 1983 to 2003, when Guy Bazzani founded our very own Local First of West Michigan. He headed up a group of seven ingenuitive business owners, partnered with the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, and began what has now become a network of over 700 locally-owned businesses. Alongside environmental ethics, Bazzani was now supporting community ethics.

But the story doesn’t end there. In fact, a new chapter has just been written. In October 2014, Bazzani Building Company proudly announced its new B Corporation certification. This designation is given to businesses that are committed to the Triple Bottom Line: financial, social and environmental. Joining a small but growing group of businesses in West Michigan that have B Corp status, Bazzani continues to move boldly into the future, valuing economy, environment, and community.