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A.D. Bos Vending Services: Proud of the past, progressing toward the future

A.D. Bos Vending Services: Proud of the past, progressing toward the future

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It’s been 74 years since Alvin D. Bos first opened up shop in Holland, and a lot has changed in that time. What hasn’t changed is the Bos family’s positive presence in the West Michigan community.

Originally a wholesale goods company, Bos ventured into the vending market in 1955. At the time, he was taking a risk by entering a new industry, but that decision paved the way for what we know today as A.D. Bos Vending Services. Since that time, the company has continued to adapt and move forward, taking steps to address the changing vending needs of the community.

Now in its third generation of family ownership, A.D. Bos Vending is West Michigan’s leader in vending, coffee, and catering. . In recent years, they have worked very hard to stay current with technology, both in their website and social media presence as well as with their response system for customers. The company has grown over time, but their commitment to providing high quality customer service has continued to be the cornerstone of their operation.

“We listen to our customers, and they value the services we’re able to provide for them,” said Tom Bos, grandson of Alvin Bos and current president of the company.

At A.D. Bos, it is truly a family affair. Tom took over for his dad, Thomas G. Bos, in 1997. He had been running things since Alvin D. Bos retired in 1972.

“It is a privilege and an honor to run the business that my grandfather started,” said Tom.

Other members of the Bos family are also involved in the business—they have a family board that meets once a year to discuss what is new and stay up-to-date with the company, and all the Bos children have worked there, carrying on the family tradition.

The Bos family also strives to create a family-like atmosphere among their employees, who are integral to their operation.

“Many have helped us build the company over the past 15, 20, or even 25 years, with incredible dedication and loyalty,” said Tom.

At A.D. Bos, in addition to technological advances, one of the greatest drivers of change has been environmental concerns. Recognizing the typical issues in going green, A.D. Bos strives to have simple and environmentally friendly solutions for their business clients. To make sustainable goals a reality, they partner with environmentally responsible suppliers and source as many local and organic products as they can. They have also started investing in fuel efficient vehicles and Energy Star equipment.

“We want to be good stewards of our resources,” said Tom. “We think it’s important to look at the long-term, and to bring that kind of perspective to the table.”

A.D. Bos has green solutions in place to transform breakroom vending and coffee practices. They offer a Green Breakroom Program as well as a Sustainable Coffee Program, both of which focus on recycling, energy efficiency, and fair-trade products. Their programs also have an educational component, teaching employees about the importance of sustainable practices at work.

A.D. Bos’ commitment to going green is one of many ways that they support the community where they live. In addition to being environmentally conscious, the company is active in giving back to Holland and West Michigan as a whole.

“We care about what happens here and are willing to invest our time, money, and passion to make this area better for all,” Tom said.

This dedication manifests itself in volunteering and engaging with organizations such as United Way and the Michigan Small Business Association. Through these partnerships, A.D. Bos keeps in touch with and contributes positively to the community that they have been a part of for the past 74 years.

“Reinvesting in the community helps us and our employees,” said Tom. “We recognize that West Michigan is a vibrant place to live, and we want to support that.”

The leaders at A.D. Bos also work to support the community through their purchasing power.

“We buy products made in Michigan whenever possible,” said Tom. “We want to stock our machines with healthy, local products.”

For the Bos family, being a local business and supporting local businesses go hand in hand.

“This is where we call home,” said Tom. "We have a sense of place here. The combination of strong business partnerships, customers who value our services, and high caliber employees that share our values make this the ideal community for us to continue to build our family business."

To find out more about A.D. Bos Vending Services, please visit their website here.