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Discover Home

Local isn’t just a place, it’s people. So explore your community, meet your neighbors, and experience their businesses with the “Discover Home. Local First.” challenge. Share your results on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

  1. Discover Your New Favorite Restaurant. For the next ninety days, half of the time you eat out, try a locally-owned restaurant you’ve never been to before. Make it a game with your family: try to discover a new, locally-owned favorite. Meet the owners and discover their story.

  2. Do Something Fun You’ve Never Tried Before. Sometime in the next ninety days, take your family out and discover a local attraction or entertainment you’ve never been to before. Discover that your community can entertain and delight you as much, or more, than television can.

  3. Donate to a Local Cause in a Friend’s Name. Sometime in the next ninety days, discover a local charity that’s making your neighborhood a better place and donate to it in a friend’s name. Even better, volunteer as well. 

  4. Designate Certain Items That You’ll Always Buy Local First. It’s not realistic to suggest that you’ll buy everything local, but over the next ninety days, commit to buying at least one type of product from a local vendor. Decide what makes sense for you, but in the next couple of months, find a consistent local source for some of your important purchases.

  5. Make Date Night Local. Whether date night means going out for a bite, an evening’s entertainment, or some shopping—or all of the above—commit to making your date nights local first for the next ninety days. Not only will you discover some new places, you’ll deepen connections to your loved one and your neighbors at the same time.