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B Corp

Using business as a force for good

B The Change (Featuring West Michigan Certified B Corps) from Motivity Pictures Film and Video

“B Corp” is short for “benefit corporation,” which is a designation earned by companies that are focused on environmental and social change in addition to monetary profits (the triple bottom line).

B Corps are certified by B Lab, a nonprofit organization that believes in unifying companies around the world with their goal of making high ethical standards for business practices the new norm. Think of B Corp certification like Fair Trade certification is to coffee.

What is B Corp and why does it matter?

It's like LEED certification for your business--it shows that your business values the environment and community in addition to your financial bottom line. B Corporations use business to do good--solving social problems around their communities and the world. Read more

Why become a B Corp?

“Being a B CORP gives us more to think about as a company & inspires us to reach and stretch. From affordable healthcare, retirement planning, profit sharing, volunteering in the community, working towards zero  waste, and donating 10% of profits to charitable causes, we want Brewery Vivant to serve as a beacon in the beer industry,  while elevating the business community as a whole.”

Kris Spaulding, owner of Brewery Vivant


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