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A Place-Based Approach to Impact Investing: Stories from the Boston Impact Initiative

A Place-Based Approach to Impact Investing: Stories from the Boston Impact Initiative

Monday, October 30
Eberhard Center
301 W. Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI

Price: FREE

Community Event

West Michigan’s stability depends on the strength and resilience of all its communities. Entrepreneurs are an essential part of our economy and, in order for them to succeed, they need equal access to the asset capital it takes to start a business and create jobs. Hear how the Boston Impact Initiative addresses the increasingly large asset gap by leveraging investments and pouring resources into the communities that need it most.

In partnership with Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Frey Foundation, Family Owned Business Institute, the Foundations Endowments Family Offices, and W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Local First is excited to welcome Deborah Frieze and Aaron Tanaka.

About the Fund

The Boston Impact Initiative is an impact investing fund focused on economic justice, which means investing in opportunity for all people—especially those most oppressed or abandoned by our current economic system—to lead a dignified and productive life. The fund takes an integrated capital approach, combining investing, lending and giving, to build a resilient and inclusive local economy. The Fund was co-founded by Deborah Frieze and launched in partnership with Aaron Tanaka, who served as the Fund’s start-up manager and is now on the Board and Investment Committee.

About the Speakers

Deborah Frieze, co-founder of the Boston Impact Initiative, is an author, entrepreneur and social activist. Her award-winning book (co-authored with Meg Wheatley), Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now, profiles pioneering leaders who walked out of organizations failing to contribute to the common good—and walked on to build resilient communities.

Aaron Tanaka, Investment Committee and Board member of the Boston Impact Initiative, is a community organizer, grant maker and impact investor. He founded and now director of the Center for Economic Democracy. He joined the Boston Impact Initiative in 2013 as the startup managing director and is also an Echoing Green Fellow, a Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) Fellow, a visiting practitioner at Tufts University, and co-chair of the Asian American Resource Workshop and the national New Economy Coalition.