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How to shift your dollars locally

At Local First, we often get inquires from people in the community who would like to localize their home, event, business and more. Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive:

All information was taken from our online business directory. If you don't see what you need here, click over to the directory and type in key words to narrow your search and find what you need!

For Businesses | For Consumers

Q: My company is hosting a special event soon and we would really like to use a local caterer! Who would you recommend?

A: We have a great variety of Local First caterers to choose from, many offering vegetarian, vegan and organic options:


Q: As a small business owner, one of the biggest struggles I have is providing health insurance for my family and employees. Where should I turn?

A: There are a number of Local First members who provide insurance and can help guide you in the right direction:

Q: My business really needs a new website. Which Local First members can help me with that?

A: We have a great selection of LF members who not only design and develop websites, but can also help with social media strategy, translation services, app creation and more: 

Q: It’s that time of year again to file taxes...are there any locally based accountants or tax preparers you could recommend?

A: These Local First members will gladly help you with your accounting and tax needs: 

Q: I'd like to get funding to start and grow my new business. Where should I go?

A: There are a number of Local First members that would love to help you not only start and grow your business, but maintain it as well:

Q: I really want to get the word out more about my business. Are there any Local First members who specialize in marketing and logo design?

A: We have a great selection of LF members for all of your marketing and designing needs: 

Q: I would like to give a locally-sourced gift basket to my co-workers and clients this year. Do any Local First members offer them?

A: Several LF members offer help with gift basket arrangements: 

Q: I’m really interested in ‘localizing’ my office. Which Local First businesses should I reach out to?

A: We have several LF businesses that will help localize your office:


For Consumers

Q: I'm hosting a big event soon and want to localize it as much as possible. What Local First members can I use?

A: We have a large selection of Local First members that cover all of your event needs:


Goei Center, (616) 949-2421

Grand Rapids Art Museum, (616) 831-1000

Grand Rapids Children's Museum, (616) 235-4726

Grand Rapids Public Museum, (616) 929-1700

Holland Park Theater, (616) 355-7275

John Ball Zoo, (616) 336-4374

Gallery Divani, (616) 774-9463

Blandford Nature Center, (616) 735-6240

Robinette’s, (616) 361-7180

CityFlats Grand Rapids, (616) 608-1720

CityFlats Holland,  (616) 796-2100

Downtown Market,  (616) 805-5308

Amway Grand Hotel, (616) 774-2000

Bistro Bella Vita,  (616) 222-4600

Boatwerks,  (616) 396-0600

The B.O.B., (616) 356-2000

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA), (616) 454-7000

RedWater Restaurant Group, (616) 949-0570


Eastern Floral, (616) 466-5868

Ball Park Floral, (616) 459-3409

Pat’s European Fresh Flower Market, (616) 796-3221

Posh Petals, (616) 363-3337

Spring Sweet, (616) 396-3556


6.25 Paper, (616) 745-5402



Avantgarde, (616) 575-0378

Design 1, (616) 363-9019

JoJo’s House of Beauty, (616) 455-4410

The Hairport, (616) 532-3226

Jeffrey Richard Salon, (616) 235-9100



Almassian Jewelers, (616) 949-8888

DeVries Jewelers, (616) 454-6892

Thomas A. Davis Jeweler, (616) 392-1266

JP Gems & Jewelry, (616) 396-2116

Metal Art Studio, (616) 459-5075

Dresses & Tuxedo Rental

The Kostume Room, (616) 530-5904

RC Caylan (616) 570-2111

Rosa Sposa, (616) 288-7104



Dolphin Vacations, (616) 954-2977

Breton Village Travel, (616) 942-0300

Witte Travel, (616) 942-5112


Other services

At Your Service Valet, (616) 730-1475

Kentwood Rental, (616) 534-9628

j.Henna Tattoo


Q: I can never find a mechanic I really like; where should I go to get my car fixed?

A: These LF members will be happy to help you with any vehicle issue:

Community Automotive Repair, (616) 774-7048

Crown Motors, (616) 396-5268

Grand Rapids Motor Car, (616) 209-7115

Star Collision, (616) 364-6222

Legacy Auto-Tech, (616) 245-9616


Q: I would like to send flowers for a special occasion. Are there any Local First Florists?

A: See these LF members for all of your flower needs for any occassion, many including holidays, special dates, and sympathies: 

Eastern Floral, (616) 466-5868

Ball Park Floral, (616) 459-3409

Pat’s European Fresh Flower Market,  (616) 796-3221

Posh Petals, (616) 363-3337

Spring Sweet, (616) 396-3556


Q: Which Local First photographers take senior pictures?

A: We have a seleciton of photographers that will gladly help with your graduation photos:  

Alyssa Albers, (773) 391-6634

Christine Wedding Portrait & Design,  (616) 336-0935

Junebug, (616) 392-1683

Mike Moloney, (616) 890-7734

Tiberius Images, (616) 855-4079


Q: Are there any local pet stores to choose from?

A: There are some pet stores that cover all of your pet's needs: 

Chow Hound, (616) 224-2767

Daisy’s Circle Pet Store, (855) 766-6322

Fido & Stitch, (269) 655-5397